How To Learn Data Science Reddit?

I’d advise the following if you’re interested in studying data science: Tools. Ability Areas. My suggestions are: Visualization of data. For data science, I advise studying R before Python. Use fake or easy data to learn data visualization initially (using R’s ggplot2). Then look for a more challenging dataset.

Similarly, Can you self learn data science Reddit?

Dear everyone, Just wanted to let you know that you don’t need to get a college degree in data science if you already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and can handle your studies independently. There are several online courses available; consider taking one and using projects to get experience.

Also, it is asked, Can I learn data science on my own?

Without any official schooling or work experience, it is undoubtedly feasible to become a data scientist. The ability to learn new things and be driven to find solutions is what matters most. And it would be much better if you could find a mentor or community to support and guide your learning.

Secondly, Where can I learn data science for free Reddit?

The list of free data science courses is provided below. 1. The Master in Open Source Data Science. Microsoft’s Data Science Essentials. CS109 at Harvard Science of data. IBM’s Data Science Foundations course. Jeff Hammerbacher’s introduction to data science at UC Berkeley. A Data Science Overview @coursera.

Also, Is it worth it to learn data science?

A profitable profession in data science is drawing more and more students with analytical and quantitative aptitude. For the appropriate people, the task, which entails delving into statistical data, developing algorithms, and examining enormous data sets, can be immensely fulfilling.

People also ask, Is it worth spending two years to learn data science?

To summarize, I firmly believe that investing “two years” in learning data science is worthwhile. After two years, learning really continues. For data scientists, it is more of an ongoing process.

Related Questions and Answers

Is being a data scientist fun?

If., data science may be really enjoyable. Being able to combine math, coding, and research into one career is unique to the field of data science. a position where your day would start with reading a research paper, end with writing down the algorithm and ending with coding it up. It is a lot of fun.

Is data analyst a stressful job?

To put it simply, data analysis is a challenging undertaking. The enormous amount of labor, deadline pressure, and job demand from several sources and levels of management, among other things, make a data scientist’s job difficult.

Can an average student become data scientist?

For data science positions, businesses often recruit people without graduate degrees. Salaries are based more on personal skill than on academic achievement. People with a high school diploma may thus find jobs paying well. Computer proficiency is more important than a Master’s or PhD in the field of data science.

Can I become a data scientist without a degree?

There are also some incredible solutions to this topic. But is it feasible to “Become a Data Scientist Without a Degree”? Thus, the response is YES! A formal degree is no longer required to work as a data scientist.

How do I become a self taught data scientist?

7 Pointers for Data Science Self-Study Anywhere except the start. The following are crucial points to bear in mind as you navigate your educational experience: A programming language should be chosen. Explore the technical. Explore More Sophisticated Topics. Discover The Tools. Improve Your Soft Skills

How can I learn data science?

I’ll discuss the special qualities of these platforms and their value. Codecademy. An interactive setting for learning programming languages is Codecademy. Datacamp. This is an additional interactive learning environment that emphasizes data science-related courses. LearnSQL/Mode. K Khan University Coursera. Kaggle. HackerRank. Meetups

Is it worth learning data science in 2022?

Numerous Job Possibilities Data scientists may have a range of professions and tasks and operate in a variety of sectors, including IT, healthcare, and security. You may work as a data engineer, data scientist, or big data manager, depending on your qualifications.

Is data science a hard job?

No, data science will not be a difficult career for someone if they have gained the correct set of abilities. Data science is a young discipline that has not yet reached its complete maturity. As a result, it might seem challenging at first. However, it is not a difficult task once you figure out the specifics.

Do data scientists code a lot?

Simply said, absolutely. Coders are data scientists. In other words, even if it’s not a regular activity, most data scientists need to be able to code. A data scientist is someone who is more proficient in statistics than any software engineer and more proficient in software engineering than any statistician, according to a commonly used proverb.

Why people quit data science jobs?

#1: A mismatch between expectations of the employer You devote many hours to mastering statistics and the subtleties of various machine learning techniques. After submitting numerous of applications and going through a protracted interview process, you are eventually employed by a mid-sized company.

Why do data scientists quit?

The drive to replace someone fast often results in a vicious circle of underqualified recruits, which makes the turnover issue worse. Let’s list the primary causes for data scientists and data engineers quitting their employment. These explanations may be broadly divided into three groups: economic, technological, and environmental.

Are data scientists paid well?

According to Glassdoor, the average yearly salary for data scientists is Rs. 116,100. Data Science is thus an extremely profitable job option. Data analysis, data science, and related industries are anticipated to have 2.7 million unfilled opportunities in 2020. (source: IBM)

Is data science Overhyped?

All of the aforementioned issues are the result of excessive data science hype. Because they desire to study a talent that is in great demand, students sometimes enter the sector too early. Without fully comprehending the position, employers are recruiting data scientists in large numbers.

Are data science jobs declining?

There aren’t any sudden ups or downs. This could imply that data science won’t just vanish in the foreseeable future. If anything, there would be a gradual drop over time, but there isn’t much proof of it right now.

Are data scientists happy?

In terms of happiness, data scientists are about average. We regularly poll millions of individuals who use CareerExplorer’s services about their level of job satisfaction. It turns out that data scientists are in the top 43% of occupations in terms of professional satisfaction, scoring 3.3 out of 5 stars.

Is Python developer a stressful job?

A Python Developer Seeking Employment It’s tough to look for a job. This is particularly true if you are changing careers and are unsure of what to anticipate during the job interview.

Is data analyst a good career for introverts?

Consider a job as a data analyst if you want a totally autonomous working environment. It’s one of the finest careers for introverts, and online job boards often list new vacancies. Business intelligence is a related, well-paying job to take into consideration that is excellent for introverts.

Is data science harder than computer science?

As a result, data scientists may just require a sufficient degree of ability with such tools, as opposed to the kind of specialized knowledge you could find in a professional coder. On an undergraduate level, it might be more challenging to distinguish between data science and computer science.

Who gets paid more data scientist or data analyst?

The average annual income for a data scientist in the US is $100,000, according to Glassdoor. The average annual income for a data analyst in India is 6 lac rupees, according to Glassdoor. A data scientist in India has an average annual pay of 9 lac rupees.

Does data science require coding?

Yes! Data science does entail coding, but it doesn’t need a deep understanding of sophisticated programming or software engineering.

Can I become data analyst in 3 months?

The playlists may be used to learn the skills required to become a data analyst in three months. Keep in mind that applying theory to practice is more vital. 80 percent of your time should be spent putting the theory into practice.

How do I become a data scientist with no experience?

The greatest approach to study and get into correct learning is to enroll in a data science course. There is no need to be concerned since everyone who is interested may do so without any prior expertise.

Do you need a PhD to be a data scientist?

To be successful, you need not need a PhD in data science. Many experts in this industry have master’s degrees and make good money. Even if it’s quite challenging, it is possible to work in data science without having a master’s.

Can I learn Data Science for free?

7. Data Science for Everyone: A Free DataCamp Course You may enroll in an excellent free online course to study data science. DataCamp, one of the top interactive learning platforms for data-related skills including data analysis and data science, is the provider of this course.

How long does it take to learn data science from scratch?

An person may become fairly adept in the subject of data science in an average of 6 to 7 months. But you may speed up this learning process and timeframe significantly if you have a well-organized, well-thought-out strategy, and if you stick to it.


Data science is a field that requires an in-depth understanding of statistics and mathematics. It can be difficult to learn on your own, but there are resources available online.

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