What Is A Data Type In Computer Science?

A data type is a categorization in programming that determines the kind of value a variable possesses and the types of mathematical, relational, and logical operations that may be performed on it without creating an error.

Similarly, What is data type and examples?

Integers, floating point numbers, characters, strings, and arrays are some of the most popular data types. Dates, timestamps, boolean values, and varchar (variable character) formats are examples of more particular kinds.

Also, it is asked, What are the 5 data types in computer science?

The following are the data kinds to be aware of: a line (or str or text). Any characters that appear on a keyboard, such as letters, numbers, and symbols, are combined in this term. Characteristics (or char). Single letters are written in this style. Integer value (or int). It’s only used for entire numbers. Allow yourself to float (or Real). Boolean is a kind of logic (or bool).

Secondly, What is data type in computer example?

They may also be subjected to a number of various surgeries Types of data Type of data SizeInteger (whole number)ExampleSizeInteger (whole number)4, 27, 655351 to 8 bytes 4.2, 27.4, 5.634 to 8 bytes float (decimal number) F, 3, $, £, #1 byte byte byte byte byte byte byte byte byte byte byte byte Hello there, Stringabc. The quantity of data that can be stored in main memory is limited. 1 more row to go

Also, What are the 4 data types?

Integer, real, character or string, and Boolean data are all supported by most computer languages.

People also ask, What are data types?

A data type is a categorization in programming that determines the kind of value a variable possesses and the types of mathematical, relational, and logical operations that may be performed on it without creating an error.

Related Questions and Answers

What is simple data type?

A single value is represented using simple data types. Integer is a simple data type that is used to define policies. The integer data type represents a positive or negative whole number. 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are examples of integers.

How many data types are there in computer?

Integral, Floating Point, Character, Character String, and Composite types are the five fundamental data types recognized by most current computer languages, with several specialized subtypes specified within each broad category.

Why do we use data types?

Data types aid in the differentiation of various value categories. It aids in the differentiation of tiny integers, decimal numbers, and letter values, among other things.

What are variables and data types?

A variable may be compared to a memory region that can store values of a certain kind. The word “variable” comes from the fact that the value of a variable might vary during the course of a program. Each variable in VBA has a data type that determines the sort of data it may carry.

Which is not a data type?

The value arr is not a data type. The data type boolean is used to describe whether a statement is true or false. Character is a data type that may be used to specify uppercase and lowercase alphabets. Integers are represented by the data type int.

How many data types are there in data science?

There are four types of people.

What is data type in database?

A data type describes the kind of data that may be found in a table column. Although certain datatypes are universal, each database system recognizes its own set of datatypes. Integer and Text are two common examples.

What is text data type?

The TEXT data type is used to store any text data. It may include single-byte and multibyte characters that are supported by the locale. A TEXT or BYTE data type instance is referred to as a simple big object.

What is data types and variables in C programming?

In C, data types refer to a comprehensive system for defining variables and functions of various sorts. The type of a variable dictates how much storage space it takes up and how the stored bit pattern is interpreted.

Which of the following is a data type?

Explanation: Numeric, Alphabetic, and Alphanumeric are the three fundamental data kinds. Numeric data is made up entirely of numbers.

Is string a data type in C?

In C, there are many data kinds. There are a few built-in data types in C. Integer, short, long, float, double, long double, and char are the types. There is no built-in string or str (short for string) data type, as you can see.

What is the size of data type?

Sizes and types of data Type Size64–bit Name32–bit Sizechar1 byte1 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2 byte2

What is the data type of 1 )?

1.0 is a floating-point number, whereas 1 is an integer. The formula for complex numbers is x + yj, where x is the real component and y is the imaginary part.

Is string a data type?

A string is a data type that is often implemented as an array of bytes (or words) that records a succession of items, usually characters, using some character encoding.

What data type is first name?

Person name is a standard XDM data type that represents a person’s entire name. Names should always be represented using this datatype since name structure norms vary greatly across languages and cultures.

What are the 8 data types?

byte, short, int, long, float, double, char, and boolean are the eight primitive variable types.

What is numeric data type?

Numbers are stored in database columns as numeric data types. Exact numeric types, values where accuracy and scale must be retained are examples of these data types. INTEGER, BIGINT, DECIMAL, NUMERIC, NUMBER, and MONEY are the precise numeric kinds.

Is date a data type?

Table 2-5, “OLAP DML Date Data Types,” lists the date data types that are supported. Dates ranging from January B.C. through December A.D., as well as times in hours, minutes, and seconds. Dates between January and December of the year A.D.

What is character data type?

Character data is stored in a fixed-length field of the CHAR data type. Data may be a single-byte or multibyte string containing letters, integers, and other characters supported by your database locale’s code set.

How many data types are there in C programming?

The most common varieties. The four fundamental arithmetic type specifiers char, int, float, and double, as well as the modifiers signed, unsigned, short, and long, are all available in the C language. The table below shows the various combinations that may be used to define a large number of storage size-specific declarations.

Is pointer a variable?

A pointer variable (or pointer for short) is similar to the other variables in that it may hold data. A pointer, unlike a regular variable that saves a value (such as an int, double, or char), stores a memory address. Like any other variable, pointers must be defined before they may be utilized.


The “what is data type” is a question that has been asked many times. In computer science, the answer to this question is usually either a string or an integer.

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